Tips for Selecting a Designer and Contractor.

This is huge! Find a designer or architect that also understands current cost of construction. Our industry is full of stories of designers or architects that have no concept of current construction and amenities cost. They just design away. They stay within your square foot limit, but have no idea how much of their client’s money they are spending. The homeowner spends months planning every detail of their dream home and finally starts getting bids from contractors only to be completely devastated at the cost estimates. This same concept applies to the selecting a builder just based on price. Some contractors only build cheaply constructed homes with a couple of pretty popular features like granite and stainless steel appliances and they bid according to their standards. Please, please, please ask yourself “what am I NOT getting for my money”!!!! Why is this person so much cheaper than the other guy? If you disregard my warning all I can say is “you get what you pay for” and this is especially true when it comes to selecting a contractor. Knowledgeable and experienced designers, architects and builders are truly priceless during this process. I absolutely love what I do, but it still surprises me when people plan their dream home by shopping price and get so excited that they find a designer or builder that can get them a smokin’ deal.  The best case is to have your designer/architect and builder work with you as a team throughout the process. Consider selecting a builder first to insure construction costs are being properly tracked during the design phase. Knowledgeable professionals are great resources for researching what makes a quality home.

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