Starting A Custom Home Design.


So you want to build a custom home. In working with clients I love the design challenge of blending people’s wish list, budget and personal style into a final package they will call their custom home. It is the joy of creating someone’s “home” that really makes my work amazing. My goal is make designing a custom home a smooth process. The basics of getting started is to compile and organize information needed to plan your wonderful dream home. I would like to note that the information in my blog can often times apply to remodel designs as well. Let the fun begin!

Step 1: Put together a wish list and prioritize it.

Why prioritize it? Everyone starts out with a wish list and 90% of the time it is like a pile of pickup sticks just heaped up in front of them and they don’t really know what to do next. If you can put in an order of importance, #1 being the one thing you won’t compromise on and as you go down the list you end with the item that will be nice to have, but if it breaks your budget you can eliminate.

Step 2: You will need idea and wish list pictures.

As you have heard, a picture is worth a thousand words. In design that is even more important. Label each picture with specifics indicating exactly what you like about the picture. Pictures not only gives a designer an idea of your personal style, but also how expensive your style might be. With the internet you can set up idea accounts with such websites as Houzz and Zillow. More website options seem to come on line every month. These are great because your designer or architect can log in to your account and view all your pictures and notes. Later you can use this information for your builder.

Step 3: Write down your budget.

Let’s talk about the sticky subject of budget. I realize this can tend to be a total downer when talking about designing one’s dream home, but It is important to begin with this number on the table. It is even more important to have your home designed by someone with current knowledge of construction cost. I consider it a tragedy when family spends precious time and money designing a home only to find out from a contractor that they can’t possibly afford it.

In up coming blogs, I will give a bit more details the these first 3 steps on getting started. For today you can start the process to a dream home!


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