So you want to build a home. Maybe your dream home and you are never going to move again. You could be just starting out life’s journey and want to plan for a growing family. Perhaps your kids are grown and you are ready to down size in to a home you can grow old in, complete with handicap accessible design. The questions surrounding home design and construction can go on almost endlessly. In today’s society the list of questions have now expanded to energy efficiency and low carbon foot prints. As I work with families, it is the love of the design challenge to fit people’s wish list, budget and personal style into a final package they will call home.

The Process
1. Put together a wish list and prioritize it.

Why prioritize you ask. Everyone starts out with a wish list and 90% of the time it is like a pile of pickup sticks just heaped up in front of them and they don’t really know what to do next. If you can put in an order of importance, #1 being the one thing you won’t compromise on and as you go down the list you end with the item that will be nice to have, but if it breaks your budget you can eliminate.

2. Collect pictures.

As you have heard, a picture is worth a thousand words. In design, that is even more important. Pictures not only gives a designer an idea of your personal style, but also how expensive your style might be in relation to your budget. Magazines or are great tools. Be sure to make specific notes for each picture to indicate what you like in that particular picture example.

3. Establish a budget.

To complete you starter package, you need to write down what your budget limit needs to be for everyone to have in the beginning. It not only helps your designer, but also your contractor for a crystal clear record.